Why are We the Best?

We are ocean enthusiasts dedicated to providing our customers outstanding and affordable camera/video equipment to capture their ocean adventures with the best colors, quality, and clarity possible.  Years of experience have gone into assembling the best combination of equipment to produce enviable images and videos you’ll be proud to share, post, tweet and do whatever else you like to share your memories.
We are passionate about sharing our expertise, providing top of the line equipment, and helping our customers capture memories they can enjoy and share for years to come.
We have 3 convenient locations in South Florida (Key West, Key Largo & Fort Lauderdale) and more on the way.

Why Underwater Memories?

Underwater photos and videos are difficult to capture without the right equipment. It’s not enough to go with a waterproof camera and expect great pictures and video.  The right system combines the following elements to capture your memories:
  • GoPro Hero 4 Camera with built-In LCD screen to see what you’re capturing
  • Two Handle Pistol Grip Camera Tray for stability
  • Color Correction Filters customized to your activity and water depth
  • Anti-Fog Inserts to prevent fog on the camera lens
  • Macro Lens to make images pop and make your subject seem closer

Our Camera Rig includes all of the elements listed above in a convenient protective case. In addition, we provide extra batteries, a charger and a heavy duty lanyard to secure the camera rig during scuba or snorkeling. At the end of your adventure you will be able to share your experience immediately with the included 16GB memory card.

The Underwater Memories GoPro Rig combines the best equipment on the market so our customers can capture stunning images and video.

PolarPro has been making GoPro camera filters for years. The Switchblade uses the proven PolarPro red filter formula, which is not as easy as making a red piece of plastic and selling is as a red filter. The Switchblade adds an ultra-powerful macro lens for even more versatility, better magnification and crisp detailed images and video.

See the difference in image quality using our GoPro Rig!